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Online Christian Dating

Online dating has become very popular these last few years.  Twenty million Internet users visit dating sites at least occasionally.  Over 30%  of the population either uses online dating services or at least knows people who are using them.  In … Continue reading

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Confronting Satan on a Chicago Street

Several years ago I parked my car in a residential area in Chicago. As I got out, my eyes glanced across the street. The homes on that street were two-story dwellings, the bottom floor being a partial basement. The entrance … Continue reading

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What Does it Really Mean to be Jewish

All religions must be defined by their Scriptures.  Base them on anything else and you have a religious social club at best and a cult at worst.  I invite you to consider with me what it truly means to be … Continue reading

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How To Find God

One hundred years from now, none of us will be here. By that time, each of us will have had their personal moment before God. What will that be like? Is God some kind of old, loving, forgiving Grandpa? Is … Continue reading

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Understanding Death

I got an e-mail today from a very dear friend who just learned that his brother-in-law had a day or two to live. He is in his 50’s with cancer. He asked me how to go about trying to comfort … Continue reading

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The Little Drop of Water Who Learned to Give Himself Away

This is a delightful children’s books that will teach them many important life principles through the adventure of Willis, the little drop of water. In the end, Willis learns that he must give all of himself to become all that … Continue reading

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When a Cop or a Soldier Takes a Life

When a police officer takes a life in the line of duty, there will almost always be a period of emotional upheaval and for some, mental anguish will follow. It is as if one has pushed a large boulder off … Continue reading

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Did you ever know someone who could not forgive? This is a deal breaker for a Christian in their relationship with God. This is because the relationship of a Christian to God is founded on God’s willingness to forgive their … Continue reading

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Some Father’s Day Thoughts About Our Heavenly Father

It was Jesus who first brought the concept to the human race that God was not a master to be served, a dictator to be feared or a mysterious, whimsical tyrant to be appeased through meaningless ritual and pomp. Jesus … Continue reading

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Why Darwinism is Doomed

by By Jonathan Wells, Ph.D. Harvard evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould wrote in 1977: “Biology took away our status as paragons created in the image of God.” Darwinism teaches that we are accidental byproducts of purposeless natural processes that had … Continue reading

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