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Revivals that Aren’t, and One that Was

One day I drove by a church and saw on their sign in front, “Revival,” along with the dates and times.  I thought about this as I drove to my home, not far away.  I wondered: is there really going … Continue reading

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How to Offend Just About Everyone in Nine Paragraphs

How to Offend Just About Everyone in Nine Paragraphs Homosexuals: Quit your whining and understand that the Judaeo-Christian ethic has been around for 5,974 years longer than Gay Rights, and condemns your behavior. The Apostle Paul called it “vile affections” … Continue reading

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When Church Authority is Abused

Solomon came to the conclusion toward the end of his life that there was “nothing new under the sun.”  The French have a famous saying, “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.”  (The more things change, the more they … Continue reading

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My Skiing Biography

I was born in Paris France.  I was educated in both French and American public schools.  French is my native language, but I learned English before I can remember and grew up speaking both languages.   My American upbringing was near … Continue reading

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I would like to take this opportunity to address some of the myths concerning homosexuality that are daily force fed to the public by a disproportionally vocal homosexual minority and a cooperative media.  Of course, this will earn one a … Continue reading

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