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  1. Garth Johnson says:

    Your email link doesn’t seem to work. Do you have another email address I could use to contact you?

  2. Jon Wilkins says:

    I just purchased your book “Profaned Pulpit”
    I have read several chapters now and have seen where you reference to the appendix and I see no appendix in my copy?
    Do I have a copy this is lacking pages? If so, do you have the appendix in a PDF?

    I am impressed with the book so far, but would love to be able to read the appendix documentation.

    Jon Wilkins
    Findlay, OH 45840

  3. Dan Peyton says:

    Dear Bro Jerry, This is a friendly letter! May the Lord bless you Bro Jerry and your wife. I remember you well from our college days although we didn’t talk very often. I was too busy running! Edith remembers your wife very well too. I have been following your website for a year or so and just purchased your book “profaned pulpit”. Thank you for writing it. It was very helpful to put the pieces together. We’ve been totally detached from Hammond since before Bro Schapp stepped up and are quietly serving here in Chihuahua, Mexico, trying not to repeat the enormous mistakes which we were taught, which you have boldly pointed out in your book. There is so much to say, but the Lord has obviously helped you to say it for us. Thank your for your stand and God bless….. Dan Peyton, missionary, Chihuahua, Mexico

  4. cory berger says:

    Are’nt you embarassed by your own arrogance? I was a kid who got dragged to fbc by my parents, and hated the place– because of people like you. Please dry up and blow away, before you destroy my childrens view of fundamentalism as well.

    • Cory, I hope and pray with all that is in me that your children’s view of Fundamentalism IS destroyed, & the sooner the better before they join the thousands of victims whose lives have been destroyed. Fundamentalism is a corrupt, perverted, abusive, misogynistic, unscriptural and distorted view of the New Testament church. Its leaders have been adulterers, fornicators, child molesters, and the proportion of them today convicted of these crimes is at a pathological level. God has called me to “reprove the unfruitful works of darkness” in spite of the Kool-Aid marinated simpletons like you still defending the indefensible. I receive many letters each week from the victims you deny exists thanking me and others like me for taking a stand. I am only approving your comment so as to put your pathetic ignorance on display. May God have mercy on your darkened soul.

    • M. Manuel says:

      It seems to me that fundamentalists are always worried about how they are viewed or how their children will view fundamentalism. Why is this? I believe it is because of their heritage. In the Bible they were called Pharisees. Woe unto you scribes, pharisees . . . If we live for the Lord Jesus Christ and not for men we will not go astray (My sheep hear my voice)!

  5. gary sloan says:

    I thought you might like this sir!!


  6. Bruce Briggs says:

    My wife and I have experienced many of the same things you bring to light regarding the IFB and do NOT want to come close to them again. We recently moved to Weatherford. Have you found a church home yet? We’re looking and would appreciate your input.

    For His glory,


    • I have found two small churches in Weatherford that I would consider decent, more or less. One is Centerpoint Baptist Church and the other is Clear Fork Baptist Church. They are OK with some good people, but that is all I can ever say about most any church. Not sure if pastor Billy is still at Clear Fork, but he is a good man. Other than that, I could not recommend any Weatherford church. One is worse than the next on their best day.

  7. peter braun says:

    Jerry, would you attend a service with Dr. Bob Hooker speaking? My church has him scheduled and he was on staff at HAC with Schaap. What do you think?

    • Know Hooker well. Went to HAC with him. I would attend only for the purposes of standing up and calling him an IFB cheerleader, a key player in the cover up of three decades of abuse at his church, and a complete fraud in the pulpit. Also, his “Dr.” title was a gift from Hyles for nothing more than the “blind loyalty” Hyles required. Hooker’s Systematic Theology is a list of rules and a stack of bumper stickers. I wouldn’t send my dog to hear Bob Hooker.

  8. Phil says:

    Jesus said, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35”
    And if you want to know what love does read 1 Cor. 13.
    According to Jesus and Paul…love would walk away and never do anything to harm the reputation of another or cast doubt.
    Gamaliel was a Pharisee and probably the greatest mind of his day…and he was not even part of the church, but came to the conclusion in Acts 5:33-39 to “refrain from these men (Christians), and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it…”
    Just some words of wisdom from a Pastor who stumbled on to your site. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

    • Phil, it is my considered opinion that one who tolerates the proven lies and abuse of men like Charles Wetherbee are the ones who should be subject to shame. I have called the man out on his despicable behavior and presented the detailed, first-hand evidence. God has called us to “pursue righteousness” and to “reprove, rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine,” not to protect the reputation of hirelings and liars. By exposing these men, we express love for their victims, past, present and future. I owe it to NO MAN to “protect his reputation.” I owe it to God to be a voice crying out against their sins and abuses, just like the OT prophets did, even if that voice cries out in a wilderness. The Prophets are 20%+ of the Bible and they spared nobody’s reputation. I am sickened that there are Christians out there like you whose loyalties are more to men and their institutions than to principles of righteousness and personal holiness. Wetherbee is a deceitful, lazy, self-serving hireling, and he needs to be exposed, not protected. May God heal your deceived and depraved heart, Phil!

  9. Louis Jr. says:

    I recently got in touch with your material and I appreciate it a lot. It seems that as experience in life and the condition of churches it becomes clearer that these are prime issues. I think the word “nicolaitans” was wisely placed there by Jesus Himself. Because this form of people trying to replace God in your life will take many forms throughout history. The way you can recognize it is those simple words “nico” “laity”. In my last 50 years i have seen this happening in many countries and many churches and many christian cults. (I wonder if we should consider the definition of a cult to include when someone trys to take the “nico” position in some believers’s life). It seems clear to me that the “nico” class of people are in a dangerous position because they are standing in between a jealous God and his precious bride. He paid for her. I would be careful not to mess with His bride in that way. I appreciate your good work.

    He doesn’t want anyone to gain a position of power that comes in between Himself and his lovely bride. If anyone is willing to let someone to become the ruler that stands in between them and God then they will get a lesser relationship. Then they have allowed some one else to come in between them and their hearts highest desire. Jesus is powerful and transforming in our lives. It is such a good good thing. He is rightly jealous over His bride and She herself as well must be jealous to keep close to Him and not let anyone occupy a position between her and Him.

    Jesus is the mediator not the clergy. I would absolutely love to talk sometime for mutual encouragement. You belong to Him. Be blessed.

  10. Ove Lackell says:

    Dear Jerry,
    I recently read your book PROFANED PULPIT.
    Thanks a lot for having the courage to write it!
    I found things of Jack Hyles on jesus-is-savior.com
    This site has much informative info, but why they refer to Jack Hyles is a mystery to me.
    Do you know about jesus-is-savior.com?
    In my 39 years as a Christian and in the ministry, I have also seen much abuse among leadership.
    I myself studied at Rhema Bible Traning Center in Broken Arrow, OK, 1979-1981, which is a mixture of the Bible and New Age.
    Do you know about them?
    1991-2006 I was a missionary in Brazil and I wrote four books in the Portugese language.
    Since 2010 I live in my native country of Sweden and travel around in Europe.
    Attached is my latest book about LUCIFER.
    Please click on ovelackell.com and then on About the Author to see more about me.
    IĀ“ll mail a free copy to your email address.
    May God bless you and lead you!

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