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The Mediterranean has always been one of my favorite places in all the world.  I love the water, the reefs, and particularly how the Alps come right to the coast in France and Italy.  There is a Bible character, however, … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Christianity

The more I talk to Christians about concepts and principles of the Christian faith, the less I am inclined to want to ever do it again.  It is a lot like a fast-food meal.  I probably indulge in one of … Continue reading

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A Better Way of Presenting the Gospel: A Casual Conversation That Will Open Heaven’s Door

I have developed a new system or method of presenting the Gospel.  Yes, I know that this will raise eyebrows, but the only thing that is new is the method.  The Gospel of course remains the Gospel. This method is … Continue reading

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Revivals that Aren’t, and One that Was

One day I drove by a church and saw on their sign in front, “Revival,” along with the dates and times.  I thought about this as I drove to my home, not far away.  I wondered: is there really going … Continue reading

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Giovani Papini Writing on the Cross

Now thou hast no one with thee, Jesus, called the Christ. these soldiers preparing that appalling bed, these thieves insulting thee, those hounds awaiting thy blood, are only shadows, cast by the great shadow of god. Thou art alone as … Continue reading

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Why God Uses the Lowly

Have you ever come across the prayer of David in Psalm 51 where he expresses his heart’s great desire to God: “Purge me with Hyssop and I shall be clean?” I read this early this morning & began to wonder, … Continue reading

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