How to Offend Just About Everyone in Nine Paragraphs

How to Offend Just About Everyone in Nine Paragraphs

Homosexuals: Quit your whining and understand that the Judaeo-Christian ethic has been around for 5,974 years longer than Gay Rights, and condemns your behavior. The Apostle Paul called it “vile affections” & Moses called it “an abomination.” Your tantrums will not change that, neither will calling folks bigots who simply choose to believe the Bible. Homosexuality is an excrement-soiled fist in the face of God.  He is keeping score.  You will one day see that scorecard.

Feminists: You are neither inferior nor superior to men. You are different. You have breasts and estrogen, and since form follows function, you were made for nurturing. Get over it. (Meantime, you might think about the political hypocrisy of maligning strong, successful Conservative women.)

Shrinks: When are you going to stop indefinitely extending the boundaries of mental illness? Sure, some people have brain tumors or other evident pathologies, but most of your patients have just made bad choices, which your excuse-based treatment keeps them from confronting. Freud was dead wrong:  guilt is not neurosis, it is the sign of a conscience trying to be heard. Quit doping it into a fog!  (Never knew one who didn’t need one . . . )

African-Americans:” You are not African. You weren’t born there, neither were any of your ancestors that you can name. You are Americans. Your forefathers were sold into slavery by African tribal chiefs who had been executing conquered tribes for centuries until the slave traders came and offered them payment for their captives. There is plenty of blame to go around. Grab your share and quit this obvious extortion and race hustling and whining about “reparations,” and get rid of those “social justice” pimps some of you have been conned into calling your leaders.

Church Leaders: Your mandate is not to uphold and defend the church at any cost. Your mandate is to uphold truth and righteousness and let the chips fall where they may. That is called ecclesiastical integrity, and it is in very short supply in the church today. For  an exceedingly high percentage of you, the church has become your idol. There are so many idols on the altars of so many churches that Christ was crowded off long  go.  You need to learn to deal with people who don’t agree with you without feeling threatened.  Your mandate from God is “restore in the spirit of meekness.”  Far too many pastors are all about preserving the church’s status quo.  They will only speak of sin in generalities.  That’s not how Jesus did it.

College Professors: Stop rewriting history the way you think it should have been. Thomas Jefferson should be judged for his slaves by the standards of the 18th century, not the 21st century. You can’t be guilty of a civil or moral awareness before it is understood.  Stop indoctrinating and start educating. A university was once a place of universal knowledge, not a narrow, agenda-driven trade school that stamped drones out of the same cookie cutter to assure that they all  thought exactly alike and had zero tolerance for those who didn’t. Universities have become academically inbred, thanks to you.

Sports Fans: That fact that someone can throw a ball through a hoop, run with pigskin, or hit a ball with stick or club does not make them a great person. Greatness is the expression of character, virtue and selflessness. You want a hero? Look in a faculty lounge, the firehouse, the police station, or on an airplane  full of soldiers coming home from a war. It takes an empty life to make a pop-culture icon your hero. Fill it with something other than all the pre-packaged stuff. Then go out and BUILD something or DO something. It is only then that you will have the right to shout, “I am somebody.” Nobody owes you that right, but if you care enough to find someone who has legitimately earned it through the expression of character, I’d be willing to bet that they will tell you how their achievements came about.  There are few heights in life than you cannot achieve if you are willing to pay the price and work hard.  No point in even starting though, if you still think that the definition of success is measured in dollars.

Parents: Mom & Dad, your greatest responsibility in raising your children is to instill character in them.  Unfortunately, your efforts will fail if they are not backed by example.The most important facet of childrearing is teaching children how to relate to and respect authority.  There is no greater determining factor that will dictate how their lives will turn out.  Ninety nine percent of those in prison have failed principally on that one count.When you trade your responsibility as a parent for your misguided attempt to become your child’s friend, you are a failure as parent.  Sadly, it is your children who will pay the price.

Celebrities: Western culture has a fascination with celebrities.  Based on where Americans put their money, we can properly assume that a man with talent for hitting a ball with a stick offers society a greater contribution than a person who would teach children to read and write, or instill in them moral values.  Jesus Himself pointed out that where one’s heart is, there will his treasure be found.

My belief is that there are some key indicators to success in life, and proficiency in playing children’s games is not on my personal short list; neither is proficiency in another children’s game:  “play acting.”  Actors and athletes derive their craft from the vestigial elements of adolescence:  games and pastimes in which we engaged as children.  Here are some more serious and substantive indicators of real success in the journey we call life:

  • Earning the respect and admiration of our children.
  • Remaining faithful to one’s spouse for life, both in deed and thought.
  • Never running afoul of the law.
  • Having a dynamic relationship with God that is evident in one’s daily life.
  • Maintaining a healthy mental state without the need for anesthetizing effects of drugs or alcohol .
  • Treating others with kindness, compassion and generosity.
  • Instilling character in your children by your example.

When a human being fails on any of these counts, they have failed in life.  To adopt anyone  as a  “hero” because  of their celebrity status in sports or entertainment, while their personal life is characterized by serial adultery is both pathetically shallow and incredibly revealing.  Sadly, that is what Americans do.

The Hollywood agencies, movie and music studios, and publicity agencies who vaunt and market celebrities will never speak to my personal values or reflect my life view.  A few seconds of watching any of the talk shows on constantly as I flip through channels is usually enough to trigger the primary stages of my gag reflex.  I have never had much of a tolerance for self-obsession or narcissism, much these anyone who believes that celebrity status automatically confers executive privilege in areas of personal morality.  They have been foolish enough to believe the hype about them.  In times past they would have been town criers or court jesters.


To help some folks who live in an urban bubble of Liberal thought understand how Middle-America sees the world, I am offering the two perspectives on a number of social and political issues side by side (just in case the article above hasn’t finished the task of pushing some of you “Progressive” types over the edge into the abyss of apoplexia:   (No need to thank me . . . . )

What Common Words & Phrases Really Mean

Conservative terms  follow each Liberal euphemism:

Arsenal of Weapons
Gun Collection

Delicate Wetlands

Undocumented Worker
Illegal Alien

Cruelty-Free Materials
Synthetic Fiber

Assault and Battery
Attitude Adjustment

Heavily Armed

Morally Principled

Taxes or Your Fair Share
Coerced Socialistic Theft

Commonsense Gun Control
Gun Confiscation Plot

Illegal Hazardous Explosives
Fireworks for Stump Removal

Non-viable Tissue Mass
Unborn  Baby

Equal Access to Opportunity

Multicultural Community
High Crime Area

Fairness or Social Progress

Upper Class or “The Rich ”
Self-Employed Small Businessman
Progressive, Change
Big Government Scheme

Homeless or Disadvantaged
Bums or Welfare Leeches

Sniper Rifle
Scoped Deer Rifle

Investment For the Future
Higher Punitive Taxes

Healthcare Reform
Socialized Medicine

Extremist, Judgmental, or Hater


Victim or Oppressed
Whiner or Leech

High Capacity Magazine
Standard Capacity Magazine

Religious Zealot

Reintroduced Wolves
Sheep and Elk Killers

Fair Trade Coffee
Overpriced Yuppie Coffee

Exploiters or “The Rich ”
Employed or Land Owner

The Gun Lobby
NRA Members

Assault Weapon
Semi-Auto (Grandpa’s M1 Carbine)

Fiscal Stimulus
New Taxes and Higher Taxes

Same Sex Marriage
Legalized Perversion

Mandated Eco-Friendly Lighting
Chinese Mercury-Laden Light Bulbs

About Jerry Kaifetz

Christian author, c.e.o. Omega Chemical Corp.
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26 Responses to How to Offend Just About Everyone in Nine Paragraphs

  1. Jenny says:

    This is a great post, Jerry. Wish I’d said all of that. What am I saying? I HAVE said all of that, using similar if not identical terms!

    God bless and keep dishing out the truth.

  2. Don Giffin says:

    You have it right and the nerve to say it like it is Jer

  3. Kate says:

    Is this a joke?

    • Jerry Kaifetz says:

      If you have a substantive comment or criticism, I will be only too happy to entertain it. My guess is that I have violated the rules of the PC police to whose drumbeat you march, and you can only paint, smear & insult rather than engage in reasoned intellectual discourse. I am qualified & ready, but I suspect that you do not do well on the battlefield of intellectual candor & honesty. Just a wild guess . . . . .

      • Atalanta says:

        A friend sent me to peek in on this thread….. Honestly, Jerry, had I not seen some of your writing previously, I’d have had the exact same reaction as Kate and thought this was a satirical piece. Her incredulity bespeaks an outrage that runs perfectly and humanely counter to yours.

        Also, on what grounds, exactly, do you impugn her “intellectual candor & honesty”? Because I see none.

        • Jerry Kaifetz says:

          If you have a specific point about an expressed position on which I have written, I would be glad to respond.

          Someone saying “are you serious?” is so vague and hollow as to not be worthy of my response, other than derision.

          So far, NO detractor has made a specific point about anything I have said. I stand behind it all 100%. Looks like you too have no substantive rebuttal.

          Please don’t waste my time with more of the same. Until someone does, I will not be responding. If you can’t challenge my positions on a level intellectual playing field, then sad to say, you are not playing in my league. Claiming “outrage” is what children do.

          • Atalanta says:

            Okay, here are a few specific questions (though you have not yet answered the specific question I asked you last time about baselessly attacking Kate’s intellectual integrity and rigor):

            How do you reconcile your called-for “spirit of meekness” with the smug station from which you issue your list of edicts?

            Are you consistent throughout your life in your Biblical literalism? If yes, I have a follow-up list of more specific questions for you, with which I’m sure you’re familiar.

            You know that brain tumors are generally treated by oncologists, not psychiatrists, right?

            Do you not consider phrases like “‘social justice’ pimps” and “excrement-covered fist” to fall into the category of bashing, labeling, or bomb throwing? If not, what exactly are they?

            I’d love to see you respond without changing the rules, evading the issues, deriding the poster, or acting righteously indignant.

          • Jerry Kaifetz says:

            My friend, your understanding of biblical theology (a Bible based Christian faith) is so simplistic as to make any meaningful discussion with you a thorough waste of time for me. There is a time for meekness & there is a time to follow in the spirit of the OT prophets. My life, my call. No, I consider my phrases 100% accurate and perfectly descriptive until you can prove me wrong. Since you haven’t by now, I will assume that you cannot.
            Now that I have responded, please understand that this is a huge time waster for me. I will never evade any issue presented within the context of a proper theology & and a balanced hermeneutic. Unfortunately, that is going to leave you out.

          • Atalanta says:

            The chief problem I’m having in addressing your post is that you truly make no space here for “reasoned, mature and intelligent discourse,” both with so many of the premises of your initial statement, and also with your manner of response to anything with which you do not agree (i.e., you find a way to disqualify rather than answer the question, you assail/deride/mock the poster, or you simply delete the post — I’ve seen several show up, then be taken down because they point out things you don’t want to have to acknowledge).

            Example: I asked if you were consistent in your Biblical literalism. It was an honest question, and relevant to your original post. Instead of answering the question, you deemed my understanding of biblical theology too “simplistic” to waste your time on. You didn’t want to engage the question, so you attacked me and my education, about which you know absolutely NOTHING.

            Jerry, based on your writing (here and in other venues) and the tone and content of your responses, I know tiresome dozens like you, and thus I truly should have known better than to expect other than arrogance, evasion, meanness, and ad hominem arguments. It’s all your kind have, since in this age and country “but the Bible says!” isn’t legitimate justification in intelligent sociopolitical discourse, or really in anything but a theological discussion. This is your blog and thus it’s your right to misrepresent, denigrate, or delete anything you want to so as not to have to explain the ugliness, hypocrisy, and un-Christian nature of your sentiments…. But how sad to have to pretend such tactics are the product of intellect and reasoning.

            I’d agree that conversation with you was a monumental waste of time, except that I’m glad readers will see more of your true colors on display because of it.

          • Jerry Kaifetz says:

            How about less “blah, blah, blah” and maybe you try something new: address some SPECIFIC points I made with some SPECIFIC comments. This is called reasoned discourse. All you are doing now is showing me how mad you are and how little you have to present in your defense against my points. This is growing tiresome. I do not have the time to engage on this level (although it is absolutely delightful to see how incredibly well my article succeeded!)
            In answer to your question, I believe the Bible. There are passages to be taken literally, there allegorical passages, symbolic and illustrative passages.
            You and a number of others are seeking to deprive me of my rights of expression through intimidation. ( Did you ever pick the wrong guy!) You do this by saying or suggesting in different ways that I am being “unchristian” because of some perceived meanspiritedness on my part. THAT is what makes me realize that I cannot have a reasoned biblical discussion with you because of your simplistic, anecdotal and and unstudied understanding of the Judaeo-Christsian ethic in general and the Christian faith in particular. (See my piece on “Bumper Sticker Christianity) Then you say that I have insulted you. SO WHAT? My position, as always, is that it is the TRUTH that I have presented that is offensive to you. Again, read the OT prophets; that’s where I learned it. They insulted lots of people too but in the end, they were right.
            That being said, I don’t have time to deal with these comments any longer, because they are all the same: what I have written remains unassailed in any SPECIFIC or meaningful way, and you have no bullets in your gun but more of the same. If this were my whole life, I would be happy to slug it out with you, but there is no point until someone deals with the issues in a substantive rather than a pejorative, personal, and trite way. So for those of you who write a response and don’t see it posted, don’t be delusional and think that you have made some brilliant point that I can’t defend. Just read this over as many times as it takes to sink in. (You could be here a while . . . . )


          • Jerry Kaifetz says:

            There are still no substantive responses coming in, although I am astounded at what passes for such by people posting pejorative, personal comments about me and than thinking that they have demonstrated some kind of intellectual prowess and sent some kind of blazing forehand loaded with topspin across my net.

            I am modifying this article by changing the Permalinks setting to include the title, which will get this blog much better visibility (and offend more status quo PC types who think it is a mortal sin to offend anyone). That will unquestionably cause my detractors to think they have won some sort of victory here, but this would be just more delusional thinking, something that does not appear to be in short supply, these days.

  4. Jerry Kaifetz says:

    Bashers, labelers and bomb throwers please take note: For a response to qualify as worthy of posting, it must engage one or more of the points raised in thes blog article. Apparently I did a pretty good job in making my case, as it seems from the many childish and less than substantive responses that I have read (and not posted) that my detractors have no substantive disagreements with my points. They just don’t like me. While this dynamic is fine for the playground at recess, I unfortunately cannot being myself to deem these people or tactics worthy of engagement or response. You can’t just insult someone or smear them personally under a barrage of labels and walk away thinking ,”I guess I showed them!” No, you only showed them that your opposition to their premises lacks any intellectual honesty or cerebral horsepower. These rants, while always amusing and satisfying to me personally for what they reveal, do not rise to the level of reasoned, mature and intelligent discourse, which is where I have decided to set the bar in my blog. Call me crazy . . . . jk

    • Ripley says:

      Jerry, respectfully, has it occurred to you that some of us simply don’t find your bloviating worthy of a time-consuming response? I think you may labor under the delusion that your attacks on gays, women, and others are creative and thought-provoking, when in fact they’re merely tired, tiresome, and so deeply soaked in your unacknowledged white/male/straight/Christian privilege that any attempt at reasonable discussion is obviously doomed. You are no doubt special in God’s eyes, but you’re not remotely special, alas, amidst the throngs of self-assured, self-appointed prophets on the internet. Please understand that those of us who choose not to engage with you “on the issues” aren’t lacking in cerebral horsepower (nice job of observing your own rules about not hurling insults!); we’re just weary after years of suffering at the hands of people like you, and wise enough to know that what we say isn’t going to change your mind any more than what you say is going to change ours. Peace.

      • Jerry Kaifetz says:

        You know, homosexuals have used the word “attack” to death over the years. It is unfortunate that you cannot view any dissenting position as other than an “attack” or “homophobia,” or “bashing” or “bigotry.” In fact, the Judaeo-Christian ethic has been exceedingly clear for 5,000 years on the subject.
        Instead of assailing the messenger, you may want to try a better directed and more intellectually honest approach: deal with the substance of my criticisms. You can start with the fact that all Christians have the right to hold to their religious beliefs and that these are made exceedingly plain in the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures on the subject of homosexuality. I have expressed those and I stand by them 100%. Obviously this poses some kind of conflict for you, your best efforts to claim whatever measure of self-assuredness notwithstanding.

        • Ripley says:

          Actually, Jerry, I don’t believe I challenged your right to hold and/or express your beliefs at all, did I? I simply explained why it’s disingenuous of you to accuse your detractors of intellectual dishonesty or inadequacy (or to credit yourself with having constructed an unassailable “argument”) merely because they choose not to engage with you in a point-by-point discussion of your well-worn prejudices. You wouldn’t have seen a word from me had you not directed two snide comments—which, incidentally, went straight to smears and name-calling in Kate’s case, even though that’s what you explicitly claimed to deplore—at those who disagreed with you. Peace!

          • Jerry Kaifetz says:

            Yes, you absolutely did challenge my right of expression when you relegated it to the practice of “bashing.” I also would absolutely hold that I am correct in claiming intellectual dishonesty on the part of homosexuals because of this 100% consistent tactic of labeling all critics.
            My point is not that I am personally right, and this is something you do not grasp; it is that all religions are defined by their scriptures and that the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures are absolutely clear on the sin of homosexuality. That is a battleground on which you can never win, and we both know that.
            Don’t know what “snide” comments I made, but I would strongly suspect that I only pointed out what the core tenets of my faith espouse. That is my right and you will never budge me from expressing it, mischaracterizing it through you will ad nauseum.

          • Ripley says:

            Is there a reason the following comment was deleted? I’ll repost in case this was a computer glitch:

            Not once have I used the word “bashing”—you’re imagining things, my dear! As for “snideness,” your response to Kate could very well have ended after its first sentence; instead, you chose to expand it into a series of smug, nasty, and (dare I say) un-Christian insults. I’m not going to bother pointing out everything that’s wrong with your take on homosexuality, because that’s a waste of time—and anyway, since you apparently believe in being absolutely faithful to the letter of the scriptures, why are you still here arguing with me rather than selling your computer and giving your proceeds to the poor as clearly directed in Matthew 19:21?

  5. EZ says:

    While I can understand your Bible-based views on homosexuality, fortunately we do not live in a theocracy. Laws in this country are not (and should not be) based on what the Apostle Paul thought of homosexuals. Simply choosing NOT to believe the Bible is a basic right in this country—or so I have been led to believe by a little document called the Constitution. I really don’t mind if God is keeping score, or if you do. However, I refuse to believe that public policy and legal rights should be based on Biblical principles. If they were, stone-throwing would be a full-time occupation for many, and this nation would be a Christian version of Iran or Pakistan—perhaps that is what you desire?

    • Jerry Kaifetz says:

      You make some very good points, however, you have extended my position beyond its stated place & intent. I never said that we live in a theocracy, nor that the Bible should be the gauge of public morality. I think we would be better served if it were, but that is my opinion, which I have a right to believe & express. I also understand that we live in a constitutional republic by choice and that its principles of representation in the legislative process have great meaning & should absolutely hold sway. When a society comes to believe otherwise, there are remedies and they are found throughout all of human history. They are expressions of conscience. In fact, they are explicitly written into our founding documents.

  6. Alyra says:

    First off, this piece does read as satire, so I, too, thought it was a joke at first. If you meant it to be funny, then I would have to say kudos, because it’s brilliant. Except, you’re serious, aren’t you? Okay, then, I take it back. Not brilliant at all. While I back your right to say whatever you want- after all, this is the internet and anything goes- I wanted to point out one thing. It’s a little hypocritical of you to say something like “You can’t just insult someone or smear them personally under a barrage of labels and walk away thinking, “I guess I showed them!”” about your commentors, when your entire post does just that. You insulted and smeared homosexuals, women, college professors, and psychiatrists, among others, under a barrage of lies and labels, and then you expect people to just sit back and say “Well, he’s got a point?” Not going to happen. After all, you clearly intended to offend people, so why are you surprised when people are offended?

    • Jerry Kaifetz says:

      There are some very substantive differences between what you call my “smears” and what you and everyone else has done in response. It is amazing that I have to point this out, but here it is: I have plainly shown the REASONS for my criticisms of most everyone that I have addressed. You are so full of anger over what I have written that I guess you can’t see that. That is very immature, shortsighted and sad.

      I explained WHY I have no regard for all the groups I mentioned (although I never targeted women; I have been married to the same wonderful one for 25 years and we are both supremely happy and indescribably blessed.)

      As long as I am at it, I may as well add more that you will not understand in case someone else may be in the market for an intellectual epiphany: what I have reflected in large measure are the judgments of the Christian faith. All religion is defined by its Scriptures, not its adherents, and so I am quite confident that I have spoken appropriately. Too bad nobody can make a substantive case against anything specific that I have written, but that is understandable. All the critics have managed to indict me for being offensive. Sorry, but life doesn’t come with a guarantee that what others believe will not be offensive to them. Although the whining is getting tiresome, I reread the article and I can honestly say that I have never derived more satisfaction from anything that I have ever written, which included nine books. Keep trying, though. I am a former professional athlete, and I have always enjoyed winning.

      • Alyra says:

        I’m not angry. I don’t really care what you think of me; I’m comfortable with who I am. I was born this way, I didn’t choose my sexuality.

        I have to ask a couple of questions, though:

        First, if God has a problem with gay people, then why did he make some people gay? Oh, I know your response will just be that it is a choice regardless of all the research. Maybe there’s not one specific gene that causes homosexuality, but that doesn’t mean it’s not innate. Unless you can prove it’s not a born trait, that it is in fact a choice, you’ve no right to say what another person believes is a lie. Did you choose to be attracted to women? Did you wake up one morning when you were young, look at the options, and decide that you prefer women? Or was it just natural? How do you know that gay people don’t have the same experience?

        Second, I’m assuming you use the Old Testament as your basis for condemning homosexuality, as most anti-gay people do. Here’s the question: do you eat shellfish? Do you wear polyester clothing? Do you regularly slaughter and burn animals as offerings to God? If you’re not keeping those laws, then why is the law against homosexuality any different? Many Christians teach that when Jesus died, the Old Testament law was no longer a factor; we now have two rules, to love the Lord God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and to love our neighbor as ourself. If you believe that, then why are you using an Old Testament law to argue against homosexuality? How is that “loving thy neighbor?”

        Regarding your malignment of feminists, it is true that women are neither inferior nor superior to men. However, in recent history (that is, since the foundation of the United States), it has not been true that women had the same rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as men did. Now we do, and we have feminists to thank for that. Those strong, successful Conservative women you mention would never be where they are if it weren’t for feminists. Granted, some of their ideals are a little extreme, but that doesn’t negate the issue. I believe that PETA is too extreme, but that doesn’t mean their cause is unjust.

        Regarding psychiatrists, Freud is no longer an authority in the field. He may have made great strides toward understanding the human mind, but many of his methods and theories are inaccurate. Most psychiatrists only seek to help people overcome issues. Not necessarily mental illness, even; sometimes it’s as simple as a phobia or the temporary depression that follows traumatic events.

        African Americans: I’m not educated enough about the issues you claim exist to refute them, but I do know that I’ve met many African Americans, and none of them have been whiners trying to get European-Americans to feel sorry for them. Also, African-American doesn’t mean they were born in Africa, it means they are of African descent. Just as I am European-American, even though my ancestors have been in North America since the 18th century. They came from Europe, so I am of European descent: a European-American.

        Church leaders, I’m not familiar enough with to respond to this section either.

        College professors. Good professors teach students how to think, not what to think. Not all professors are like what you describe. I’ve been fortunate in my as-yet-limited college education (2 semesters so far, if you were wondering) to only have had very good professors. I’m sure some are like your description, but far from all.

        Sports fans. People can find role models in all sorts of places. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the person themself. It’s about the inspiration of seeing someone else fulfill his or her dream, of realizing that anyone can have their dreams if they work for it. Who’s to say that being a Major League baseball player is any less worthy than any of the professions you mentioned? Being a war veteran doesn’t make someone a hero, after all. A hero is not someone who joined the military; a hero is someone who does something that inspires others to live better lives.

        Parents. You’re wrong. It is not teaching children to respect authority that makes them good, intelligent adults capable of critical thinking. It is teaching them to question everything. Sure, they should obey certain authorities, in certain situations, but it should be explained to them, as soon as they’re old enough to understand, why someone is to be obeyed. Blind obedience is not a healthy trait.

        Is that detailed enough for you? I apologize for any typos or incoherency; I’m far from a professional writer. If you have any points you want clarified, I’ll do my best. Also, I apologize if you really are just being satirical and/or sarcastic. It’s hard to tell sometimes, especially through a text-only form of communication.


        • Jerry Kaifetz says:

          First of all, God never made anyone as a homosexual. Every religion is defined by its scriptures and the Judaeo-Christian scriptures are exceedingly plain in saying that homosexuality is a serious sin and offensive to God. There is NO valid, peer-reviewed research that anyone is born a homosexual. ABSOLUTELY NONE! That is delusional and a whole-cloth fabrication. The burden of proof is on you, not me.

          As far as the Old Testament, you are thoroughly confused with regard to distinguishing between dietary laws and moral laws. Your understanding of the Bible is on a bumper sticker level. In fact, the NEW TESTAMENT (Paul in Romans) calls homosexuality “vile affections.” I agree that feminists have done some good for women, but until they support Conservative women, I will see their cause as entirely unbalanced and dishonest. Nothing could be more evident to millions of Americans; There could never be better proof than the feminists abhorrent personal slander of Sarah Palin. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that the feminist agenda is driven by ideology, not gender.

          Psychiatrists still believe that guilt is neurosis. They still dope their patients into a fog as a first response to most every symptom. Drugs are not the answer. Recognizing the link between guilt and conscience is. Look up “Moral Therapy.”

          Your opinion on Blacks is anecdotal and suppositional by your own admission. You are entitled to your opinions, but anecdotal evidence carries no weight with me. I was born in Paris, France, but I have never once described myself as anything other than “American” in spite of my dual citizenship. Were they mistreated? Yes. So were the Jews, but they got over it & quit whining about it and now they run much of the show & they are only 3% of America.

          Your thoughts on college professors are also purely anecdotal and based on what you admit is extremely limited experience: 2 semesters! Are you kidding me? (I have to go back 41 years in my life to find that level of inexperience.)

          You need to slow down on the personal opinions & get yourself some real life experience under your belt. Travel do a couple of dozen countries as something other than a tourist, learn some foreign languages, read a thousand books, get a graduate degree or two, write some books, start a successful corporation and create some jobs, plant a couple thousand trees, raise some children successfully, and keep a marriage going for a few decades. I have done all of those things, which I think qualifies me on a level that is not anywhere near your current stage in life; that would be far closer to childhood than adulthood for you. The frontal lobe is not even fully developed until age 25. You need to make those realities a part of your life. You can’t help that you are young, of course, but anyone would be foolish to think they can lecture someone four decades order of the lessons of life when theirs has barely gotten started. (I mean no disrespect to you here.)

          Hitting a ball with a stick doesn’t make anyone a hero or a role model. Being WILLING to lay your life down for others to defend PRINCIPLE does. You apparently are not terribly close to understanding that. Nobody should ever diminish the virtue and valiantry of anyone who says, “I am willing to die for you.” That is what every service man puts on the line. I hope that you will come to the place in your life when you understand and respect that better. That comes with maturity. I will absolutely admit that you probably have more at your age than I did at that age . . . but that is not really saying much . . . 🙂

          You suggest teaching children moral autonomy. Our prisons are filled with millions of adults who had that model as children. Again, the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures could not be more diametrically opposed to your fallacious notion of good parenting. Again, you are speaking in an area where you have zero experience.

          That all being said, I absolutely DO congratulate you for being the first person to response in an intelligent, academically somewhat honest way (I say “somewhat” as anecdotal experience is a very weak foundation for any of the supporting elements of a life’s view.) Your views would be far more influential if they were based on research, statistical data, good science, and MUCH more of life under your belt instead of the touchy-feely stuff. However, as I think back to when I was your age, I see a great deal in you that reminds me of myself. I REALLY took the long way around on my life’s journey to truth. I spent 3 years in a school of eastern mysticism, 3 years as professional skier traveling the world, 12 years in college & graduate school, and a dozen years living among locals in foreign countries all over the globe. Much of that real experience served to disabuse me of many of the notions that constitute your life view. I would guess that you are surrounded by people who think just like you, so your path to truth will be more challenging and not a given by any means. College professors tend to stamp clones. (How many conservatives do you interact with regularly? Christians?)

          The most important thing for you now, as I see it and as I look back on me when I was you is this: don’t make the foolish, shortsighted and classic mistake of thinking that you have it all figured out. Probably 98% of my opinions when I was your age have now metamorphasized. The difference is that I can now support them in a meaningful way. The other thing is that applying what I have come to believe has worked for me: one 26 year marriage in my life to the woman I love, and getting better every day; two very, very gratifying, amazingly loving & well adjusted children on their way to great happiness, success in life; personal blessings, wealth and a life in a phenomenal home in a gorgeous natural setting ; nine books that I have authored that have helped many people in their lives. A life story that has been produced as a drama heard in 37 countries by 3 million people and continues to inspire and help people every day. Of course, you will say that this is all boastful of me, but in fact I give God 100% of the credit. I learned long ago that “In His favor is life,” as King David wrote. I have found that divine favor, and the promise associated with it has come true for me. I can’t describe to you the joy of succeeding in life on that level. I wish you the same.

          • Alyra says:

            I am 25. 🙂

            I admit, much of my post referred to anecdotal evidence, which I know isn’t actually. I didn’t want to fill up my post with links to sites that you won’t read, or that wouldn’t actually change your mind: science has shown that the more evidence a person sees that contradicts what they believe, the stronger their beliefs become. So it wouldn’t do any good to present you with even the best evidence in the world.

            I actually don’t know anyone personally who shares my opinions, on anything. My family are all conservative Christians, and I was, too, until I was around 19.

            I agree that I need more real life experience. I think everyone should do the things you list- learn foreign languages, travel, be well-read. I’m working on that, too. However, my inexperience doesn’t mean that I’m not intelligent enough to draw my own conclusions from what I see around me. When I was 19, a host of bad experiences, including being kicked out of my church and losing a very close friend, led me to re-examine what I thought and believed. It was during that period that I began to develop the opinions I have now. They have changed, of course; no one is the same at 25 as they were at 19. But on a basic sense I have kept the same beliefs for nearly six years: that the only important thing to be kind, civil, and respectful towards every other living thing. That is what I believe. I respect your opinion that I’m a- what did you call it, “an abomination.” I might not like what you say, but I’ll support your right to say it.

            Thank you for discussing this civilly. You seem pretty nice, aside from a few out-dated opinions. 🙂

  7. Jerry Kaifetz says:

    You make a serious error here: calling you “an abomination” is not a personal opinion. It is a core tenet of Judaeo-Christsian ethic. God sees homosexuality as “vile.” That is the brick wall that you cannot rise above morally, no matter how hard you try, or no matter how far you bend the constructs of nature and society. You should also understand what the Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist, the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ himself clearly demonstrated: God requires neither civility nor kindness to reprobates. The Bible unquestionably paints homosexuals as just that. I know that makes you see red, but that is not my problem. God has still instructed me to “reprove, rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” That is what I have done here. Your approval is not my goal.

  8. steven mills says:

    Seems like bigotry wrapped in christian beliefs? I do not understand wheather homos e xuality is a choice or not and if they were born that way wasnt it gods plan I always get confused here?

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