Pastor Phil Owens of Santee, CA Destroys His Own Parents

Pastor Phil Owens — Prospect Avenue Baptist Church, Santee, CA is a good example of an Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher who will crush anyone who gets in the way of his church agenda, position, or pastoral career. Here is an account of two elderly people whose lives have been destroyed by that ambition: his own mother and father. (His father, retired pastor Dorman Owens pictured here founded the church, worked for years with no salary, and pastored it for 38 years with growth to 450; the church under Phil Owens averages around 65 in attendance.)
by Pastor Dorman Owens (retired) January, 2015

In 1987 a man in our church attempted to burn down an abortion clinic. Because I visited him in jail I was charged with, “withholding evidence” from the government and “interfering with a government investigation”. They sent me to prison for fourteen months. When I was released I was told that I could not longer own or possess a gun. It was legal for my wife but, not for me. Jean kept a gun for her protection in case of an invasion of our home.

In 2007 Jean developed Parkinson’s disease and suffered from severe depression and anxiety. As a result she threatened suicide often. Because of this danger I hid Jean’s gun from her. One day, while confiding with my son, Phil in his office;, I shared about her suffering and how I had to get rid of the gun because of the danger for her and that I would go to prison for two year if it was found in my possession.

In July, 2008, Phil expelled me from the church. In the process of getting a restraining order against me, he told them that I had an illegal gun in my possession.

A few days before this happened I went to his house to seek peace. He drove me away and called the Sheriff to evict me. Jean called Phil and told him to talk to me and make peace.

Phil said to her, “Momma, you don’t understand. Daddy is going to jail.” He had purposely made plans to put me in prison for two more years for having a gun I told him I was trying to get rid of. Do you think he gave a thought as to who would take care of his sick mother or the suffering we would both endure? Evidently, he did not care.

It has been 6 1/2 years since he expelled me and hew has never visited or called to check on us. He is “without natural affection”. (11 Timothy 3:03)

How can a “Man of God” so abuse the Command to “Honor your father and mother”? Exodus 20:12, Deuteronomy 27:16 says “Cursed is the man who treats his father and mother with contempt! Is it possible for a saved man to commit such a crime? How can anyone support a pastor who would betray his Godly parents like this?

What Phil does not know is that we got rid of the gun many months before. The police and judge ask me for the gun three times, but it was gone.

How sad that any son would even think about trying to put his father in prison for 2 years. Only a wicked mind could do what Phil did. Remember that the next time you hear him preach the word of God. He is a blatant hypocrite. Ask his mother. She has suffered much because of his carnal life.

He loves his kids, but not his mom and Daddy. He loves his dog better than us.


Pastor Dorman Owens

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6 Responses to Pastor Phil Owens of Santee, CA Destroys His Own Parents

  1. Marty McCoy says:

    Stuff like this just blows my mind!! I would rather DIE than to ever dishonor my father as this man has done. My Dad was an old fashioned, hard cased man in many ways and we had our share of disagreements, but he was my DAD and I respected him as that. I have often told people that my Dad was the best Christian I have ever known. He went home to be with the Lord on Sept. 12. 2002 and I miss him terribly. Phil Owens will pay for his treatment of his Father AND his Mother. God have pity on him!!

  2. Santee resident says:

    I bet I would like the dog better than I would like any of the rest of them too. Pretty sure Dorman Owens was guilty of a lot more than visiting a bomber in jail, and wasn’t he also the one who stood outside his son’s church holding signs accusing Pastor Phil of awful things. Which to be clear, I’m sure most of them are true, but Dorman Owens is a terrorist and an awful person too. Seems like we’d all be better off staying clear of this entire family. God bless.

    • To make a moral equivalence between Pastor Dorman and the reprobate Phil Owens is beyond unconscionable. “Pretty sure” is on the level of gossip, plain & simple. There was no evidence of any guilt on his part, then or now. If you think there was, then present it. Anyone who knows this man and has an honest bone in their body will admit that, no exceptions. Dorman’s sign read, “Pastor destroys his own Mom & Dad.” Is that awful? What it is is HONEST, but it is also as true as truth can get. Phil Owens is “without natural affection.” Dorman was twice in the hospital with a heart attack & Phil was nowhere to be seen. Phil Owens is guilty of the most despicable violation of the 5th Commandment that I have seen in my lifetime. Pastor Dorman is the high water mark of personal holiness in a Christian based on what I have seen in my 32 years in the faith. If you think he is a “terrorist,” then present the evidence with quotation marks rather than smear and label a decent man under broad pejoratives. No, I won’t stay clear of the father over the insidious sins of the son. There is no moral equivalency. That is the claim of fools and imbeciles, and it is presented in the complete absence of evidence, which has been the case every time for over five years. Dorman’s point was that PHIL OWENS TRIED TO HAVE HIM LOCKED UP FOR TWO YEARS. How is that anything but indefensible, not to mention a clear violation of Scripture? How about using $15,000 of church funds to get two restraining orders to silence two men speaking truth? Can we stick with facts and answer these pointed charges against Phil Owens, or is that asking too much?

      • Santee resident says:

        You can’t read the evidence against Dorman Owens in the bombing case (incl. the recorded conversations from prison) and think he was totally innocent. Can you?? He pled guilty to avoid more serious charges, so at a minimum he admitted knowing about the plot and doing nothing to stop it, which in my book makes him a terrorist. The “sign” about Phil honestly just makes Dorman Owens sound mentally unstable so I’m not going to spend time dissecting it. Again, the whole family sounds like people to avoid, and Dorman Owens is the definition of a false prophet! God bless!!

      • Santee resident says:

        Just to be clear I think Phil Owens is terrible too, I’m just saying I can’t help thinking that he learned most of it from his father. I feel sorry for all of them, honestly.

  3. Jimmy yates says:

    When I read about this family feud I wanted to comment but never did. I know about Dorman Owens, good and bad. I must say that when I was a member there, years ago, I created a problem in my life. I called Dorman at that time and confessed my problem to him. He treated me with great Love and gave me advice that I value to this day. He isn’t perfect. No one is. This is why we all need a savior. Maybe he has made mistakes and has some problems. Who can claim they don’t ? He treated me with true Christian love and helped me be the “greatly blessed man” that I am today. To Phil I will say “find a way to honer your Father”. King Saul’s son never did and he paid the price. Find a way, Phil. You owe it to your wife and kids. Jimmy Yates.

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