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Does the Bible Reveal the Actual Mechanism of the Resurrection?

Does the Bible actually give us the MECHANISM of the resurrection of Jesus Christ?  Could God have possibly revealed to us not just the event, but HOW He accomplished it?  The answer appears to be, “yes!”  And the amazing thing … Continue reading

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The Woman at The Well and Organized Religion

In the story of the Woman at the well, we see a classic contrast between the will of God and the practices of organized religion. And by the way, unless your church lines up with the hierarchical principles, the locus … Continue reading

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The Woman Taken in Adultery

In the story in John chapter eight of the woman taken in adultery, there is a very specific context, purpose and there are some pointed key elements. It is somewhat unusual to find a Christian who understands any of these … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer

This is a link to a message of mine preached in a church near Chicago in 2006.  It is about the missing element in the prayers of Christians.  The Lord’s Prayer

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A Culture of Narcissism

America has finally rejected in large measure the decades long experiment of Liberalism in our culture.  The failed legacy of Liberalism finally became too much to ignore, rationalize, or deny according to recent surveys.  A question that must be posed, … Continue reading

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Some Father’s Day Thoughts About Our Heavenly Father

It was Jesus who first brought the concept to the human race that God was not a master to be served, a dictator to be feared or a mysterious, whimsical tyrant to be appeased through meaningless ritual and pomp. Jesus … Continue reading

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