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Legalizing Prostitution

Why Prostitution Should Never be Legalized I recently watched a television documentary on the legalization of prostitution in the United States.  Several things were shocking to me about the program including especially the interviews with legal prostitutes in Nevada, but … Continue reading

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The Law Was For Old Testament Times . . . Right?

The title of this article is a very common belief among Christians.  Like all religious beliefs, however, to have validity, accuracy and benefit, it must be biblically based.  With that in mind, let us understand first of all that all … Continue reading

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A Better Way of Presenting the Gospel: A Casual Conversation That Will Open Heaven’s Door

I have developed a new system or method of presenting the Gospel.  Yes, I know that this will raise eyebrows, but the only thing that is new is the method.  The Gospel of course remains the Gospel. This method is … Continue reading

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Confronting Satan on a Chicago Street

Several years ago I parked my car in a residential area in Chicago. As I got out, my eyes glanced across the street. The homes on that street were two-story dwellings, the bottom floor being a partial basement. The entrance … Continue reading

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